San Antonio TX News For Today Starts With The Local Weather

Where in the world did this weather come from? That’s one of the biggest news stories of today in San Antonio. The meteorologists might have warned us, but not everyone got the memo quickly enough. Trust me, I am all for colder weather during Christmas, but that weather change came quickly, so quickly in fact that I was caught out and about in a t-shirt. Did that happen to you, too?

I’m visiting Texas for the holidays, and I’m in a small city right outside of San Antonio. The weather has certainly been back and forth, as it snowed a few weeks ago. It also rained heavy a few days ago, and it has been sunny and in the 70s the last couple of days. There wasn’t any sun earlier today, but the temperature was still close to 70 degrees until right about mid afternoon.

Suddenly, the bottom fell out in terms of the temperature, and it got cold, real quick. The weather pattern is now supposed to continue into Christmas Day, and of course everyone is hoping for snow. That’s not likely to happen again, however, and the people of San Antonio do not need a ton of snow. Most of them don’t know how to drive in snow anyway.

Christmas is coming up quickly though, and there are a bunch of great heartwarming stories coming out of San Antonio and across the country. There are some sad news stories as always, too. For example, there is a story about a six year old boy that was shot and killed after police opened fire. If you check out the news story, you will see that there has been a Go Fund Me account set up for the boy’s family. Sorry to end the news on a sad note, but the news is the news.